Some of the World’s Most Famous Paintings

mona-lisaWhen a person thinks of art, they probably have an actual piece in mind, a painting they can visualise right away.

There are many masterpieces in the world and there are a great many different tastes to cater for in an everchanging world. But there are, of course, some examples of art that have withstood the test of time and are immediately recognisable by anyone who sees them, whether they are an art enthusiast or not.

The eternal riddle of the Mona Lisa is perhaps the most famous painting of all time – many publications rank it as being so. Its creator, Leonardo da Vinci painted a split horizon and depending on the way a person looks at it, the woman in the picture can appear to smile or frown.

It is widely claimed that the second most famous painting is Starry Night by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. The painter only managed to sell one piece of art while alive but his pieces are now treated as gold dust. When one thinks of impressionism one always thinks of the tortured soul of Van Gogh, who at one point sliced off his own ear before committing suicide.

Leonardo da Vinci features again at number three with The Last Supper. It took the master three years to complete this fresco and many believe that he imparted many secret messages in the painting – it was even popularised by a recent movie trilogy: “the da Vinci Code”, of course.

The Creation of Adam, which adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is another work of art that is just stunning. The sheer level of complexity and the detail that Michelangelo went into is just otherworldly.

Modern artist Pablo Picasso also makes it into the contemporary top five leader board with Guernica which shows the suffering that war causes to people. There are of course many more pieces of art which are priceless, but it is just impossible to mention them all.