Modern Artists and Their Creations

  • Pop culture was made famous by artist Andy Warhol with his use of garish and bright colours. He changed the way art was being presented and gave birth to a whole new expression at the same time. Warhol had numerous famous pieces over the years, including pictures of John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and many more. A large number of modern homes are decked out with various pieces by Warhol and they certainly do light up a room as soon as one walks in.
  • salvador-daliSalvador Dali – the surrealist – also has a number of instantly recognisable pieces. The Persistence and The Elephant are equally unique and one can spot the master’s hand instantly, as soon as the painting is seen. Dali had a wonderful way of translating the visions in his mind into an image or a sculpture or installation of some sort which would provoke a lot of thinking by the person looking at it.
  • Spanish painter, sculptor ceramicist and poet Pablo Picasso is another modern artist who left an indelible mark on what people associate with art in the modern era. His style evolved as he got older and the pieces he painted or sculpted in his younger years are nothing like the pieces he created when he was older. The Weeping Woman, Chicago and Sylvette are other examples of this extraordinarily talented artist’s work.
  • Frida Kahlo was a Mexican self-taught artist who was largely known for her extraordinary self-portraits. She was involved in a very bad car accident and placed into a body cast when she was young. During her recovery, she taught herself how to paint and used herself as a model to practice. She died young in 1954, aged only 47. Some of her best known pieces include The Two Fridas and The Broken Column.