About Us

These pages are a collection of resources that delve into the world of art from modern to classical and renaissance. Art has been around in its various forms since when humans were cave dwellers. The latest studies have also shown that Neanderthals also dabbled in art. Form has changed over the years, but religion has always been central to western art in particular, largely because the Roman Catholic Church commissioned so many pieces over the centuries.

There is also a vast treasure trove of art commissioned by the Eastern Orthodox Church. Because that branch of Christianity does not allow for monuments of Jesus or God, much of the work was channelled into the painting of icons, which allowed for the development of a unique style. Religion continued to be central with the Renaissance period when various Popes commissioned hundreds and thousands of pieces to depict scenes from the bible on canvas, as well as on the ceilings of its churches.

That gave way to Leonardo, who turned science into art and the Mona Lisa, one of the most famous paintings in the world. Van Gogh and the impressionists followed and then the surrealists enriched art with a massive infusion of colour and creativity. Fast forward to the modern world and Picasso, and others who lent their creative habits to trying to create something fresh and new. On these web pages, one can find various articles that delve into the history of art and the styles that have come and gone over the centuries.