A Discerning Collector of Art

a-discerning-collector-of-artArt can be found in many places, most often churches, galleries around the world, government buildings, even.

But there are a great many other places where art can be found and it would not probably be apparent that a world famous casino in Macau is one of them.

Enter Steve Wynn, an American real estate businessman and real estate developer in the casino business. This 74 year old Connecticut magnate is also a genuine art collector and has bought numerous pieces for his own enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of guests who visit his casino.

The lobby of one of his hotels features a celling installation of over 2,000 glass flowers called Fiori di Cuomo and is rumoured to be worth upward of $40 million.

He also has an 1890 piece by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh called Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat and this particular painting is worth a cool $47.5 million.

Mr Wynn also owns the Dancer Taking her Bow which is understood to have sold for a total of $12 million.

There is no doubt that visitors to this spectacular casino might feel that they are in an art gallery rather than a place where to gamble. The truth is that it is probably a bit of both. Mr Wynn says that while his collection is for his own personal enjoyment, he also sees the benefits of making his venue more attractive. He also concedes that he wants to be able to share his passion with others.

As well as paintings and other installations, Mr Wynn is a lover of fine Asian pottery and has bought a number of Ming Dynasty vases which are worth upwards of $10 million.

Of course one would not bet against Mr Wynn having a whole other personal collection that he enjoys at home. It is widely recognised that this man is performing the dual role of a casino operator and a discerning art collector.